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Outline of Operations
By creating superior communication tools optimized to meet corporate and market needs, we energize the sports market and contribute to the community.
To bring many potentially commercial aspects of sports into the marketplace and increase their value, we utilize a wide range of approaches, including sports event planning and operation, creation and supply of sports-themed corporate communications tools, athlete merchandizing, production of community-targeted sports events, sales of broadcast rights to events, sports TV program production, and developing second careers for post-career athletes.
Planning and Operation of Competitions Planning and Operation of Competitions Competition Sponsor Marketing Sports Team / Association Consulting Production of Sports Programs Merchandizing for Athletes / Competitions Sports Sales Promotions (SSP)
Sports events planning and operation
We offer a total service covering all sports genres, from planning the highest level international and domestic competitions of the highest quality to engaging athletes and producing and operating events.
Notable Business Activities
X-TRAIL JAM in TOKYO DOME-an international "urban snowboard" competition; held first in February 2001, and five more times since then. Sports Biz has been involved in all aspects of this competition, from the planning stage to production and operation. X-TRAIL JAM has received an outstanding response as an example of "LIVE marketing" activities conducted in recent years. In this way, Sports Biz has contributed to the creation of a new "Winter Entertainment" market.
Hosts Nippon Television Network Corporation / Hakuhodo DY Media Partners
Special Sponsor NISSAN X-TRAIL
Sponsor Meiji Seika Kaisha, Ltd., QUICKSILVER EA SPORTS, and others
Design and Production Sports Biz Co., Ltd.
Izu Adventure Race
SPORTS BIZ operates an outdoor sports "Adventure Race" that covers the whole of Izu Peninsula, centering mainly on Izu Matsuzaki-cho. This race was established as part of regional reconstruction measures. In 2004, it became the first sports event to apply for and receive approval for operations of this type in a special zone designated for structural reform, as part of the regional redevelopment plan proposed by the Koizumi Cabinet. The event received the Land, Infrastructure and Transport Minister's Award in the same year.
Hosts Izu Adventure Race Executive Committee
Special Sponsor Teikei Works
Columbia Sportswear Japan, SUUNTO, and others.
Support Shizuoka Prefecture, Matsuzaki City, Fukazawa City, Izunokuni City, Izu City, Shimoda City, Nishi Izu-cho, Higashi Izu-cho, Kawazu-cho, and Minami Izu-cho.
Design and Production Sports Biz Co., Ltd.
Operations Related to Sports Competitions
Operation of the Hospitality Space at the Hakone Ekiden Relay Race
SPORTS BIZ produces and operates the Hospitality Space for visitors to the finish line of the Hakone Ekiden, a traditional relay race held early in January and currently in its 82nd year. In addition to bringing in a large screen monitor for public viewing, SPORTS BIZ sets up a sponsors' PR booth and provides a wide range of services for spectators as well.
Hosts The Inter-University Athletic Union of Kanto
Co-host The Yomiuri Shimbun
Special Sponsor Sapporo Breweries, Ltd.
Sponsor Mizuno Corp., Shikishima Baking Company, Ltd., and others
Design and Production Sports Biz Co., Ltd
Marketing and Participation in"5 OCEANS" Yacht Race
"5 OCEANS," a solo round-the-world yacht race, is held once every four years. Kojiro Shiraishi, SPORTS BIZ's own marine adventurer, competed in the most recent race and was also in charge of all related marketing activities. He provided support in all aspects of race operations, from marketing for race funding to educational activities for children during the race.
Dates of Race October 22, 2006 - end of May 2007 (8 months)
Course Bilbao (Spain) ~ Freemantle (Australia) ~ Florida (USA)
Host Clipper Ventures Plc.
Yacht Support NIWS Co. HQ Ltd..
Sports Event Production
We can act as intermediary between hosting organizations and participants for any kind of sports-related event, including planning, booking instructors, producing and running the actual event for you.
Notable Business Activities
"SPORTS CLINIC - Classroom and Practical Training"
Learning about health through sports
SPORTS BIZ and the Asahi Shimbun Company established a joint steering committee to undertake operations based on the theme of "Sports and Health." In the first year, activities focused on nutrition for young, growing bodies, as well as sports medicine and conditioning. This new type of baseball clinic, which offers participants an opportunity to acquire both knowledge and practical experience, has been held a total of four times, in Tokyo, Aichi Prefacture, and Osaka.
Host Knowledge and Practical Experience Sports Clinic Executive
Committee (Sports Biz Co., Ltd, and The Asahi Shimbun Company)
Support The Asahi Gakusei Shimbunshi Company
Special Sponsor Meiji Dairies Corporation
Cooperation Nike, Inc.
Equipment Support Canon Sales Co., Inc.

First Event Produced by Kenji and Tsugiharu Ogiwara
Kusatsu Hot Springs Nordic Ski Festival 2004
This major cross-country skiing event, held in Kusatsu, the home of the Ogiwara brothers has gained considerable attention in recent years as the only public participation event of its kind in the Kanto region. The goal of this festival is to attract greater interest not only to cross country skiing, but to other winter sports as well. In addition to the "Kenji Ogiwara Nordic Ski Classes, "the ECO-tour on snowshoes and other events drew approximately 400 participants. A total of about 700 visitors participated in a variety of activities, including ski hiking and a cross country competition with several categories.
Date Saturday, March 6-Sunday, March 7, 2004
Venue Kusatsu, Gunma Prefecture (Kusatsu Snow and Spa Resort Kusatsu Musical Forest Cross Country Ski Resort)
Hosts The Tokyo Shimbun, Tokyo Chunichi Sports
Production Kenji and Tsugiharu Ogiwara

Arena Sponsors First Synchronized Swimming Clinic
in Guam
Masayo Imura, former manager of the Japan Synchronized Swimming Team, and Miya Tachibana, silver medalist at the Athens Olympics, held a Synchronized Swimming Clinic for beginners in Guam. Tachibana, who is starting out on a new path after her retirement following the Athens Olympics, conducted this clinic mainly for beginners so that she could teach children more about the importance of effort and teamwork than about the technical aspects of the sport. Imai, who assisted with the planning stage, held a special course for parents on the importance of parent/child communication. Approximately 50 people participated in the four-day tour.
Hosts Miyama Travel
Sponsors Miki Corporation and Leopalace 21 Corporation

Competition Sponsor Marketing
SPORTS BIZ acts as a liaison for corporate sponsors in existing sports competitions, contributing to the increased exposure and improved image of the sponsor companies.
(Previous events: International ski jump competitions, international surfing competitions, etc.)
Sports Team / Association Consulting
Many sports - notably baseball and soccer - are beginning to shift away from their dependency on corporations. SPORTS BIZ provides advice regarding the operations involved in the management of a sports team, for example in terms of mobilizing spectators and securing loyal fans and sponsors.
(Previous clients: Professional baseball teams, J League, Rugby Top League, V League, etc.)
Production of Sports Programs
SPORTS BIZ produces TV programs with sports-related themes. These programs are developed with a unique perspective, for example incorporating information on athletes that is only available to Sports Biz, an expert in the management of athletes.
(Achievements: "Fuji Television 739," etc.)
Merchandizing for Athletes / Competitions
SPORTS BIZ contributes to the increased value of Athletes and Sports Figures Figures competitions through a wide range of merchandizing activities, from planning of merchandise to production, securing of distribution channels, and sales management.
Merchandizing for Team Aiko
SPORTS BIZ was responsible for planning and development of merchandizing for Team Aiko, which supports Aiko Uemura, a qualifier in the Women's Moguls at the Torino Olympics. In collaboration with the teamfs sponsor companies, Sports Biz established sales channels and created a new style of athlete merchandizing.
Items Developed /Launched : Autographed ski wear, original cell phone straps,calendars, commemorative stamps, bandanas, shirts, etc.
Sports Sales Promotions (SSP)
Production of Sports-Related Advertising
SPORTS BIZ provides support in all aspects of sales promotion for companies seeking to incorporate sports themes into their advertising and communication activities. Services range from product planning to the creation of image strategies, development of manuscript media plans, proposals for sales promotion plans, and production of POP materials for retail outlets.
arena / Promotion of swimwear
Descente / Promotion of baseball wear
Descente, Ltd. / Creation and
administration of company
Descente / Promotion of athletic wear
/ Promotion of soccer shoes
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