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Outline of Operations
Lifestyle Support Setting goals and providing concrete support in keeping with the individual needs of athletes making media appearances PR and media activities
Sports Biz's experienced staff provides assistance whenever it is needed, to create an environment where athletes can concentrate on their competitive careers.
Sports Biz acts as a media liaison, planning and executing promotions that increase the athletefs value.
Legal Affairs Agent (for overseas activities)
Sports Biz provides advice and support in relation to contracts-including trademark and royalty agreements-as well as a wide range of other legal procedures.
Acting as an agent for athletes transferred to overseas teams, SPORS BIZ also supports the lifestyles of athletes living in foreign countries.
Financial Affairs Affiliate Teams / Organizations
Specialists in various fields provide advice on future planning, ranging from taxes and financial management to investing and insurance.
SPORTS BIZ assists in coordination with affiliate teams and sports organizations.
Second Careers Data Gathering / Conditioning
SPORTS BIZ provides multifaceted support for athletes' life plans, with a focus on future activities following retirement from competition.
SPORTS BIZ analyzes competitions, gathers and analyzes data for annual salary negotiations, and assists in the development of training programs.
Image Rights Management Sponsors (Business-related)Event sand Merchandizing
SPORTS BIZ manages and acts as a liaison in negotiations related to the use of the athlete's image.
SPORTS BIZ seeks out and coordinates with sponsors to support athlete's competitive activities.
Development of sports-related businesses, and product development using sports-related themes.
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