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Outline of Operations
CaSpo, our athlete casting portal, makes it extremely simple for you to contact the athletes you are looking for. SPORTS BIZ leveraged many years of experience in sports promotion and management know-how with its powerful and extensive network to create this new business domain. We have designed this portal to satisfy all your casting needs, whether you need athletes for workshops or seminars, events of all kinds, adverts or TV commercials, or media appearances.
The Athlete Casting Portal CaSpo now open
SPORTS BIZ launched "CaSpo," its athlete casting portal, on January 21st
Today, people's interest in sports is no longer confined to competitive events. From children's education and learning techniques for living a healthy life to defining the identity of our community or region, an increasingly varied role is played by sports. This trend toward diversification is accelerating, and interest is growing in all segments of society for sports-themed productions and events.
CaSpo was created to respond to the many needs resulting from this growing trend. Thanks to its solid base in the experience and credibility gained through SPORTS BIZ's long history of participation in all kinds of sports-related businesses, this is now the site to go to for anyone wanting to present talks by athletes or sports figures, or to plan just about any kind of activity where sports are a factor.
Use the power of sports for communication
Browse the CaSpo site to discover how we can help you with your sports-related project.
SPORTS BIZ is here to help athletes and those who want to work with them.
As professionals in sports production and in athlete casting, we stand ready to support your project. We welcome any requests or inquiries regarding the hiring of athletes for lectures and speeches, and for any types of sports events. We can handle media casting for all kinds of sports. You can rely on our unmatched experience in this field to support your goals, because we share the same ideal - to bring the excitement of sports to an ever wider audience.
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