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SPORTS BIZ's Mission
To create value in sports, to improve the value of sports, and to contribute
Slogan of Sportsbiz
Make Value of SPORTS
A Message from our President
Sports inspire us
Sports have an appeal and a power that can't be measured. They form a universal language that speaks to the hearts of people everywhere in the world. To create new value in the world of sports and to energize that market, and by doing so to help build a world worth living in: these were the goals that inspired the creation of SPORTS BIZ.
Our work is the world of sports
New categories of sports are continually being developed, expanding the scope of the world of sports. The culture of sports continues to deepen and mature through its close connections with music, fashion and education, expressed publicly through the media and at sports events. Sports planning, marketing, management and PR know-how are the essential keys to following and using this trend. Our goal at SPORTS BIZ was none other than to create a group of sports business professionals. In order to create a market with greater potential for future growth, we must provide our stakeholders with the balanced production capabilities they require. Our concept of sports management goes far beyond acting as an athlete agency and handling marketing and PR for corporate and sports organizations. As a group of sports business professionals, we bring a decade of wide experience and know-how to enhancing our world on a broad range of fronts. Our specialty is helping athletes, sports-related companies and sports organizations realize their dreams. This will ensure the long-term flourishing of sports culture and help build a more fulfilling society for all.
Masakazu Yamamoto
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